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The iconic MTB Stage Races in Poland

Sudety MTB Challenge, date of the event: 24-28 of July 2023

The sixteenth edition of the event is dedicated to the mountain biking enthusiasts and experts - for you we have prepared two variants of the ride - "Classic". (stage lasting about 4 hours a day) and a shortened version - "Adventure" which is about 65-70% of the length and time of the basic option. Properly planned rides, start times, buffets and medical help provides a comfortable driving at every sports level. Perhaps the most important element of which the Sudety MTB Challenge are recognizable in dozens of countries around the world (from New Zealand and Australia to Spain and France, from Belgium and Switzerland to South Africa and Canada) are the appropriate quality of the route, they are the flagship of the event. Each edition keeps a dignified and recognizable level, additionally enriched with new episodes. Come, check and "unblock" them at the end of July 2023.

STREFA MTB Trophy, date of the event: 08-11.06.2023

Fourteen years ago we offered MTB lovers a completely new quality: one town, four stages, minimal logistics, unique natural circumstances and absolutely no compromises in terms of routes. Thanks to Trophy, many people have changed their point of view on this sport. We have shown many competitors from all over the world what Poland has to offer in terms of MTB. This is the formula we have been following to this day. We will also be guided by it from 8 to 11 of June 2023, when the next edition of our race will take place. 

Mouflon Tracks, date of the event: 26-28 of May 2023

New and unique in Poland formula of the event - a stage MTB race running in more than half of the routes on selected and dedicated "single tracks".
Participate, get to the finish line of each of the three events and we will reward you with a special prize - you are interested, contact us
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