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SOLO classification

The event is held in the formula of individual driving over distances Classic and Adventure in categories:
- OPEN men and OPEN women
- Men Cat. M2: 18-29, Women Cat. K2: 18-29 years old
- Men Cat. M3: 30-39, Women Cat. K3: 30-39 years old
- Men Cat. M4: 40-49, Women Cat. K4: 40-49 years old
- Men Kat. M5: 50-59, Women Kat. K5: 50-59 years old
- Men Kat. M6: over 60, Women Kat. K6: over 60 years old
The condition for classification in particular categories is to classify min. 10 men and min. 5 women. Otherwise, participants from the older category will be classified in the younger category.

Team classification

The classification will take into account the sum of the times achieved by 3 competitors (the time counted in the open classification of each stage and the open classification after the completion of all stages). A necessary condition to include a team in the TEAM classification is the participation of 3 competitors at the same distance during the entire event. Withdrawal of a competitor from the team during the event is equal to withdrawal of the team. The TEAM classification will be carried out at Classic and Adventure distances in categories:
- Man (3 men)
- Mix (at least one woman)

Proven formula

Fourteen years ago we offered MTB enthusiasts a completely new quality: one town, minimal logistics, unique natural circumstances and absolutely unique routes. Thanks to the MTB Trophy, many people have changed their point of view on this sport. We have shown many competitors from all over the world what Poland has to offer in terms of the MTB. This is the formula we have been following to this day, the formula used by other organizers of similar events in Poland and abroad. It will also guide us on the last weekend of May (24-26.05.2024), when the third edition of MOUFLON TRACKS will take place.

Route marking

We attach great importance to the marking of our routes. We leave nothing to chance in this field. The route is clearly and uniformly marked from the first to the last kilometer and checked before the start of the competitors.
Both the competitor who wants to move all the time at a racing pace on uphill and downhill stretches and the loose trail rider have to feel sure that they are still on the course of our race. Not a single turn or side road will be missed in our signposting. Bad weather, a quick descent with a poorly visible single reflection, or your physical fatigue... We take all this into account when we do the marking. In corners, behind turns or on long straights with crossroads - our signs will always confirm that you're driving well. If you have made a manoeuvre and for a long time (250-500 meters) you can't see the signs that are characteristic for our competitions, make sure you're going well. Having a current GPX track will certainly help a lot. If you don't have one, try to get back on the track calmly in order to consult with the other athletes and make sure you're on the right route.
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